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Banknote Errors

Australian Ten Dollar Printed on Fold -
1985 Australian Twenty Dollar Major Registration Shift -
2019 Australian Fifty Dollar Spelling Error

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Strike Errors

USA Struck on Jefferson Fragment - Struck on Feed Finger -
India 2000 Mated Two Rupee Pairs

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Double Struck Coins

Australian One Cent - 2008 One Dollar Privy Mark - 2018 UK Pound - 2007 Double Headed Five Cents -
Malaysia 2006/2007 Double Denomination - USA 1955 Double Die

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Mule and Overdate Coins

Australian 2000 Mule - British West Africa 1936 Mule - 1922/21 Overdate Threepence

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Australian Mistruck and Clipped Coins

Two cent on One cent planchet - 1988 Two Dollar - Two Cent - Fifty Cent - Two Dollar

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Broadstrike, Finned and Brockage Coins

1994 One Dollar - 1976 Fifty Cents - Finned 1983 Fifty Cent and Brockage

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Australian 1943 King George VI Penny

Delamination on the obverse - Planchet Error

Penny Penny

Australian 1949 King George VI Penny

Split planchette, unusual wheel spoke effect on obverse, plus ghost of King George VI and the legend - Planchette error

Penny Penny

Australian 1964 Queen Elizabeth II Penny

Die Obstruction - Wool was found embedded in this coin along the inclusion - This is a strike error

Penny Penny

Australian 1963 Queen Elizabeth II Half Penny

Upset die alignment - a 90° rotation of die

Penny Penny

Australian 2001 One Dollar Coins

Upset die alignment on both coins

Penny Penny

Australian 2006 One Dollar Coin

Flip over double strike. Found in October 2006, this coin shows a strong image of the Reverse and the Obverse on the Reverse. This is not a clash die, as that would give a negative image. The first and second strikes are not aligned with each other. Note the edge, about 4.5mm long, is reduced to approximately 1.5mm. The edge has also been drawn up past the rim, giving a sawtooth rim edge. The rim itself has also received a small amount od doubling from being re-struck. - On the reverse side, the legend ELIZABETH II and AUSTRALIA are noticeable. Queen Elizabeth II's crown is quite clear, as is her forehead, nose, mouth and neck. The designer's initials are also visible, as is muck of the date '2006'. On the obverse side, a very siscenible 1 DOLLAR is very clear and very noticeable. The kangaroos are visible to a lesser extent, but still strong enough to be recognised as such. Note the fields above and behind Queen Elizabeth II's head, as well as in from of her nose.

Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

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